CAL SD 66 Delays Start to Sept. 22

CAL SD Reopening Status: Hazardous air quality and the loss of electrical power has taken a toll on the personal health, safety, and well-being of CAL SD families and district staff.

Already stretched thin despite putting in extra work hours, district staff have now lost critical work time and momentum. As a result, we can no longer effectively meet our planned September 14 start date.

Classes will now begin on Tuesday, September 22 with online classes for all students in grades 4-12, in-person classes for K-3 students as well as an online option for K-3 students.

CMHS registration will be held Tuesday and Wednesday (Sept. 15-16) from 8:00am-4:00pm and on Thursday (Sept. 17) from Noon-8:00pm. Students and parents will be able to meet with teachers to prepare for rigorous comprehensive distance learning and check out Chromebooks (if needed) and textbooks. Please wear a facial covering and maintain physical distancing.

Families with students in grades 4-6 will be contacted by teachers to arrange in-person appointments for distance learning orientation and to obtain instructional materials/Chromebooks.

We apologize for the impact this delay will have on families next week, but we intend to be well-prepared to give our students the best possible learning experience given the times in which we are living. True to our purpose, “We are always learning to make each (student’s) tomorrow better.”

Malcom McRae, Superintendent

(This message will be distributed via robo-call for those unable to access digital platforms.)