Applegate Updates Limited In-Person Instruction

Consistent with ODE guidance on limited or periodic on-site learning, Applegate Elementary is beginning to provide in-person access for students in order to: 1) facilitate learning or assessment that is not easily replicated on-line, or 2) provide an optional opportunity to meet the needs of students with limited internet, or 3) help those who are struggling academically or may benefit from targeted engagement.

Limited in-person instruction is intended to provide supplemental support. The mechanism for meeting the full provision of FAPE (a Free and Appropriate Public Education) is Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Schools can offer limited in-person instruction based on educational, relational, curricular, instructional, and/or assessment need. Student participation must be voluntary and cannot be required for any course or grade.

Teachers and support staff may conduct individual Zoom time for additional student support outside of regular class sessions. 

Applegate teachers will work cooperatively with families to identify students in grades K-6 who need periodic supplemental in-person learning and may arrange individual on-site meetings as-needed to support those with limited internet, who are struggling academically, or who may benefit from targeted engagement that is consistent with ODE guidance.

The reasons for this “go slow” approach to on-site instruction are as follows:

                1) Lane County COVID case rates are up to 3 times the limit allowed for K-3 classes;

                2) Lane County is on the Watch List for sporadic, untraceable COVID spread;

                3) Other schools are experiencing disruptions due to COVID among students and staff;

                4) It is anticipated that COVID case rates will increase into the winter;

                5) The more students are scheduled to come into the building, the greater the risk of COVID exposure; the CDC has redefined “close contact” to include periods shorter than 15 minutes; and LCPH is urging great caution when someone has symptoms which may not readily trigger COVID concerns, especially in younger children. They recommend that symptomatic individuals stay home for 48 hours after symptoms clear. 

               6) As a small school district, CAL SD features a single teacher per grade level or course;

                7) Beyond the extended health risk posed to the families of staff and students, should one licensed staff member suffer symptomatic infection, it’s reasonable to anticipate that students will lose opportunities for real time (synchronous) instruction.

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