Expected District-wide Student Learning Outcomes

What do we want our students to be able to do by the time theY graduate? Who will they be?

  • Students will be academic learners who will meet or exceed district graduation standards, set, pursue and accomplish realistic and challenging goals, develop and utilize study and research technology skills, and appreciate artistic development and expression.

  • Students will be responsible, self-directed individuals who accept individual and group responsibilities, exhibit self-motivation and self-discipline, demonstrate how to budget money and handle finances, develop vocational knowledge and skills, develop and adhere to healthy behavioral standards.

  • Students will be competent communicators who listen to and comprehend information, speak confidently, clearly and appropriately to diverse audiences, read, comprehend and respond to information, write clearly and properly, and work collaboratively while respecting the diversity and talents of others.

  • Students will be creative and complex thinkers who apply problem solving processes to real life scenarios, use logical decision making processes, formulate solutions based on justifiable rationale, transfer learned skills throughout the curriculum, and analyze, evaluate and integrate information.

  • Students will be contributing citizens who appreciate and respect the environment, respect a multi-cultural community, understand the value of community service, and actively participate in the democratic process.