Board Chair Livelybrooks issues reopening statement

Our decision to re-open schools for K-3 students while providing on-line school for grades 4-12 this fall is based on several criteria:

                1) Surveys of parents and staff, with over 60% response rates, generally indicated a preference for in-person schooling over on-line classes. Respondents also expressed a preference for a hybrid model with A/B cohorts.

                2) The state of Oregon established clear guidelines for re-opening. These were separate for two groups, K-3 graders and 4-12 graders, with more relaxed criteria for K-3 graders. We think these criteria are well-considered and straightforward. Further, these criteria were developed following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

                3) Each K-3 class will be split into two, and each half will attend classes as a group in their own classroom. A teacher and teacher’s aid will split time between each of these classrooms. All other COVID-19 precautions, including the wearing of masks, physical distancing, and daily or more frequent temperature taking will be followed.

                3) The more restrictive re-opening criteria for grades 4-12, including a 10 new weekly cases per 100,000 residents in our county, and less than 5% COVID-19 test ‘positivity’ rates for both Lane County and Oregon, have not yet been met. Hence we will provide on-line schooling for these students until these criteria are met for three consecutive weeks.

                4) We have adopted a modified schedule for middle and high school students involving a 4-class per day alternating block schedule. This will provide adequate time for regular teacher interaction with students. Our district staff are working diligently to optimize the learning experiences for Crow-Applegate-Lorane SD students during these uncertain times.

-- Board Chair Dean Livelybrooks