Latest CMHS Newsletter. Have a great weekend!
about 23 hours ago, Kevin Rodemack
Our band concert is tomorrow at 7 pm and our drama productuon is Friday at 630 pm. District is providing a hotdog meal at the drama production, starting at 530, and there is a five dollar entrance for adults at the play that will go directly to our drama class! Hope to see you all there.
3 days ago, CAL Athletics
Come support the CMHS Band!
4 days ago, Kevin Rodemack
Come enjoy the drama class production on June 2nd at 630 pm. The district will also be providing a hot dog meal to all that attend, starting at 530 pm. Come support the arts!
8 days ago, Kevin Rodemack
Drama 6/2
Latest CMHS Newsletter. Have a great weekend!
8 days ago, Kevin Rodemack
Our last article we are going to share, but we encourage families to look at more research. We will send out a feedback survey next week. We ask families to think about what policy is best for kids. No phones in classes? No phones at school at all (including passing times/lunch) or maintaining a class by class rule on phones. Have a great weekend!
15 days ago, Kevin Rodemack
Latest CMHS Newsletter. Have a great weekend!
15 days ago, Kevin Rodemack
I will be sending out one more article tomorrow. Then we will be sending out a survey next week.
16 days ago, CAL Athletics
Another article, originally from the Wall Street Journal, about cell phones and student's attention. This one really dives into how distracting phones can be, even if they are away in a pocket.
17 days ago, CAL Athletics
May 2023 Superintendent Update
17 days ago, Heidi Brown
Families, CMHS is considering adopting a no student cell phone policy. Reasons for engaging in this conversation are numerous, but the short version is that we have seen an unhealthy attachment to phones after the pandemic and behaviors, drama/rumor spreading, and overall mental health have been a struggle and it is believed phones can play a large role. So...we would like to engage families in their perspectives on this subject. I, Kevin Rodemack, will be sending out several articles that relate to the subject. After we have sent several articles, we will send out a Google Form for families to fill out and give feedback on our cell phone policy. Please look for more articles in the upcoming days, and we strongly encourage people to dive into their own research to form their perspective. We will also be giving students a chance for feedback after we collect family feedback. Here is our first article:
18 days ago, CAL Athletics
The agenda for the May 18, 2023 CAL School board meeting can be found here
22 days ago, CAL Information
Latest CMHS Newsletter. Enjoy the sun and good luck Track!
22 days ago, Kevin Rodemack
From Superintendent Heidi Brown: Communication regarding simulated emergency event at Crow High School Titled: “Operation Prom Night” Tomorrow - Thursday, May 11th - Crow High School will be working in coordination with local police and emergency responders to simulate a vehicular emergency. This event is called “Operation Prom Night” with the intention of high school students and families understanding the dangers and seriousness of drunken driving. There will be a realistic reenactment involving sheriffs, EMTs, and a mortuary service. We are letting everyone know so that people are not alarmed when they see emergency vehicles and/or hear sirens. Some vehicles will be staged at the elementary before moving to the event at the high school, which is scheduled to begin about 9:00 am. Please, reach out to the Crow High School front office if you have any questions. Thank you, and please be safe.
24 days ago, CAL Information
Latest CMHS Newsletter. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
27 days ago, Kevin Rodemack
A successful MS Cinder Classic! Thank you all that help. Credit to Derek French for the photos.
30 days ago, CAL Athletics
Latest CMHS Newsletter. Hope all enjoy the sun.
about 1 month ago, Kevin Rodemack
The agenda for the April 27th School Board Meeting is available here
about 1 month ago, CAL Information
The agenda for the upcoming Budget Meeting on April 13th is available here
about 2 months ago, Doug Osborne
Our winners of the shed raffle! Congrats, and thank you all who supported our program!
2 months ago, CAL Athletics
Shed Winners